Welcome to the first installment of Opus’ digital pioneer series, where we introduce you to new and innovative digital businesses. Today we’ll be looking at the Pretorian based Artvark.


Artvark is the collaborative brainchild of the entrepreneurial duo Nikolai Viljoen and Andreas Schuster with Chris van Gass as the inspirational force behind the project. And was borne from the need for a program aimed at promoting the arts in schools. Which in recent years has not enjoyed the same level of endorsement as high school sports


The premise is simple. Artvark enables schools to create their own digital gallery on the Artvark website. The gallery is intended for art students to exhibit their works. The program is also eCommerce driven, meaning, that students can actually sell their artworks to the general public through their portal.


At launch Artvark will not be taking any proceeds from art sold on their platform. Instead, the proceeds from sales go back to the student and the student’s school. It is with this that Artvark hopes to promote art in schools, via increased exposure and budgets.Presently, Artvark is offering membership subscriptions at a reduced rate to schools who adopt the program early (there are already more than 20 schools enrolled).


We at Opus wish to welcome Artvark to our digital fraternity and foresee that they will change the South African art classroom forever.


For more info you can contact Artvark directly at hello@artvark.co.za, like them on Facebook, or subscribe to their newsletter below.